IntrovertedExtrovert™ has been masterfully created and developed by Japanese-American designer Clayton "Claytano" Kanemitsu. His narrative for Series 1 is to convey his own battle between internalization and externalization. Arrows throughout the collection symbolize a constant flow between the two concepts.

The inverted "INTROVERTED" placed on top of "EXTROVERTED" creates an instant portrayal with the "OV" of each word balancing one another. The arrows on the left sleeve and pant leg flow inward, matching the lines of the inverted "V", while the arrows on the right sleeve match the lines of the standard "V".

Color is then carefully added to the collection with beautiful natural hues that further build upon his narrative. Delicate pink Cherry Blossoms, vibrant Blue Morpho Butterflies, and neutral-toned snakes complete the ideal balance of introversion and extroversion. 

Series 1 Pre-Sale Date: May 1st, 2020

Series 1 Official Launch Date: January 21st, 2021

Series 2 Pre-Sale Date*: To be announced.

*New Series' will be announced and available to our VIP list one month before launch date. Announced to the general public one week before launch date.

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